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Default Re: Stand Alone & Spin-Off Star Wars movies...what would you like to see get made?

I don't want a Han trilogy. He only needs one solo movie. In fact I think all the the spin offs should be stand alone, with only the main saga being decided into trilogies. I could see Boba fett with 2 movies, but a Boba fett trilogy would be over exposure IMO, as he would be the primary focus, where as the main trilogy had several characters to spread attention to.

My 10 personal favorite comic book/super hero movies:
1) The Avengers 2) The Dark Knight 3)Captain America:The Winter Soldier
4) The Dark Knight Rises 5) The Incredible Hulk 6) Scott Pilgrim vs The World
7)X-Men:Days of Future Past 8) X-Men:First Class 9) Thor 10) Spider-Man 2
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