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Default Re: 5 things you want to see

Haha that simple... I missunderstood you guys. Thought you meant Black Sabbath´s song somehow was connected to Iron man as a hero in the comics and should therefore be so in the movies.

Yeah sure I know the song "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath. Never connected them, I mean the AC/DC music used is just music added to the movie, could have been any band/song that sounded good for the movie.

But when I think about it, Tony was wearing the Black Sabbath shirt in TA. But that was just a funny thing from his part tho. That didn´t have anything to do with the fact that there is AC/DC in the movies(Well he might not have had it if he didn´t like that kind of music). It was more likely a funny thing because he is Iron man and they have a song named that plus if you like AC/DC, chances are you like Black Sabbath as well. So that´s why he had it.

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