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Originally Posted by RustyCage View Post
Speaking as a fan of both franchises who went to both films Day 1, this was actually an easy choice for many reasons, but this one most of all: The seat-grippingly intense and layered story for TDK is, hands down, far more compelling than Spidey 2's.

I love both stories in their own ways, but it's like comparing Mickey Mouse to Cowboy Bebop or Full Metal Alchemist. The drama of Spidey 2 feels simple and cartoonish - which is fine in it's own contextual bubble, but compared to The Dark Knight? It's a candle flame trying to outshine a full-on forest fire.

I'm sure I don't even need to go into the emotional pull of Hans Zimmer's score. Spidey 2's score is epic, don't get me wrong. I even teared up a little bit at some of it's peak moments. But Zimmer's work in The Dark Knight made me feel things I didn't even know were feelings. Zimmer made me fear the Joker perhaps more than Heath Ledger himself did. The sweeping, shadowy, loomy theme for Batman enveloped my imagination, and I never get sick of listening to it and getting all broody and motivated (really wish it was expanded upon more in Rises).

Both films have this in common for me: They have exactly one flaw above all the minor nitpicks that I have trouble overlooking.

In TDK, it's Batman's behavior. This revolves mostly around the writing, but also includes the voice quality in a couple of scenes compared to it's quality in Batman Begins.

In Spidey 2, it's Doc Ock's BIGGEST PHILOSOPHICAL POINT he is meant to make in the entire movie. He literally gets it backward when he repeats it at the end of the film as he's about to sacrifice himself, which totally throws off the emotional power of that moment. I am, to this day, utterly mindblown that they never noticed it. It isn't fixed on the DVD release, or, to my knowledge, the Blu-ray release either.

Comparatively, Spidey 2's sore thumb is much more swollen and distracting to me. So, yeah, TDK wins there too.

In terms of villains, I think Alfred Molina and Sam Raimi definitely revolutionized Doc Ock... just, not with nearly the same punch that Goyer/Nolan/Ledger revolutionized the Joker. I don't think that one needs much explanation.

Aaron Eckhart's Harvey Dent/Two-Face performance on the other hand is powerful and underrated. The character as interpreted in this film is one of the most defining, pivotal moments in Batman's character growth ever. While you could probably argue that he died too soon, the point made in the time he had was still very potent, and the delivery edgy and stellar.

So with two such villains to compete with, the odds are kind of stacked against Molina here, as cool as he was.

In short, it's really a simple matter of gravity, on all fronts. TDK has it in spades over Spidey 2. Again, I love both (even politely excusing Kirsten Dunst and the writing she was following being a terrible way to do Mary Jane and the character of Peter/Spidey being weakly interpreted too), but it's no contest.
Perfectly said, I agree with all of it!

Though, I don't remember the Ock backwards line.

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