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Default Re: Batman Begins v.s The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
Option C still hurts me on the inside a bit because it would mean Bane sat down with Talia, listened to what she wants to do and why she wants to do it (which, as I said, made no sense whatsoever in the film), and then said "Yeah, great idea! I'll come up with the best way to execute that."
The wall that you and others who have problems with Bane's motivation in this film seem to run into seems to be the fact that Bane was a radicalized terrorist himself too whose only semblance of family in the world was the LoS before he got the axe.

That's me being confrontational or accusatory, just something I've noticed. It's one of the side effects of them leaving aspects of Bane/Talia's relationship ambiguous in the film. There are a lot of interpretations out there, like Mr. Wooden Alligator's up there which I really like actually, despite never thinking of it in exactly those terms before.

Personally, based on Bane's actions in the film, I think he was 100% on board with giving "western civilization" a huge kick in the ass as a means of restoring balance to the world. And I think he was also 100% on board with punishing the rich boy/favored son who was offered everything by Ra's that he felt he was the proper heir to and then spat on. Everything about what they were doing seemed to align with his own ideals. Particularly knocking the wealthy down a notch. Power is something that should be fought for and earned with blood and sweat in Bane's mind, not bought. And like Alligator said, Talia was well-aquainted with corporate greed and its effects.

I just see their partnership as a synergistic aligning of the stars. A perfect storm of evil if you will. All the elements were in play. Revenge, jihad (or whatever the LoS calls it), a chance at "redemption" for both of them, deep personal ties, and a marriage of resources with a very specific skill set.

I dunno, it's just one of those things with TDKR. To some people it's retarded and makes no sense, but I love the Bane/Talia combo and think it brought so much pathos to the film and trilogy. I just really wish people would look more at the bigger picture of what the LoS is really about and not get caught up in the semantics of whether they would target a city without organized crime. Of course they would. There are other ways to define corruption besides organized crime (as defined by the law). The idea that the LoS would restrict their criteria to the parameters of US law is baffling to me. They have their own set of ideals about justice. A society can be decadent without being overrun with crime. In my eyes the LoS is more about rebooting societies that have gone off the rails in any number of ways, and where there is an unjust gap between those who are benefitting from it and those who are suffering under it. And if it means killing everyone in order to create change, then so be it. And I also feel they are more anti-West and global in their ideals than they are anti-Gotham, it's just that Gotham is the world's "greatest city", therefore it makes for the most symbolic target, much like the World Trade Center/NYC.

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