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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
I hope we get some proper bone crunching action. Snyder will obviously do a great job, but I want Batman to be brutal. I want dislocated shoulders, bones snapping, crushed ankles, anything that puts a person down for the count. I've learned that if you deal with life and death situations, and you've got multiple opponents coming after you, you make sure the person you are currently dealing with, doesn't get back up to stab you in the back. If that means pulling his arm in a way that every muscle strand in his shoulder gets ripped to shreds, so be it.

I think this clip is a good example of the brutality I'd like to see.

Dude, totally agree with the comments re Batman's brutality, but disagree with the video, this is why's one of those cliché kung fu fight scenes
in which the bad guys pretty much attack one after the other, while the other ones pose to give the appearance that something is happening.
To me, this is wrong, Batman does not stand there and get attacked,
Nolan got that spot on. Batman attacks from the shadows, by surprise and
when he attacks, he jumps in the middle of a gang and goes on the offensive, none of that "come and get me" stuff. His opponents are pretty much tripping over each other as he misdirects them, uses them as shields all the while tearing them apart.

Batman does not give his enemies time to react, think or even breathe before he drops 'em.

So yes to the brutality, especially bone breaking, joint smashing and groin
kicking (and of course a headbutt that splatters someone's nose), but
disagree that Ip Man is the right source material (great movie, love Donny
Yen, but not for Batman).

NO offence, just my opinion.

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