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Default Re: Who should be the villain in the sequel for Man of Steel?

It makes sense to have a Bat villain here.
The heroes meet, yes. Their differences are evident. But it's not just the characters that meet, but also their respective worlds. Metropolis and Gotham are different to each other, and the Gotham element will come along by introducing Bats in the MOS universe.
I'm still rooting for the idea of having The Penguin in this film. He's a mastermind just like Lex, and you can just imagine how dangerous the two villains will be when working together.
Oswald and Lex are different too, and somewhere along the plot they will face problems working together because of their different motives. Both might want to get rid of the other when their plan has succeeded, and that will be one of the reasons why they fail.
The psychotic Lex might feel he can't trust an eccentric crime lord who call himself The Penguin, and vice versa.

For the physical threat, Metallo is the one. It's somebody neither of the heroes can defeat single-handed.

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