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Default Re: The Empire Strikes Back Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by gohei_ View Post
Oh my god. How old are you?
I guess you already knew about Vader being Luke's father beforehand?
One of the first games on your list should be Knights of the old Republic.
Im 29. Yeah I already knew about Vader being Luke's father as well as the hand thing (although I only heard the latter part a few weeks ago when someone was talking about the movie). Its kind of hard to avoid that when Vader's line is probably one of the most quoted movie line ever. I didn't know they would happen in this film though and I guess was at least shocked to see those twists this early on.

Originally Posted by Happy Jack View Post
when you see/hear something hyped up for your entire life, its kind of hard for it to live up to those expectations and that's how I felt with it. I went into V not expecting much and that might be why I loved it so much in comparison. Just felt so much better. IV was a bit slow for me as a lot of it was setting up the characters, settings, themes, etc... V jumped straight into the plot, further developed the characters, had more action sequences, did a much better job with the concept of the Force, etc... IV might be a film I'll appreciate more if and when I see it again, knowing all I do now, but it definetly didn't grab me the way V did

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