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Default Re: The Official 'I Still Love Ang Lee's Hulk' Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
Nolan's action scenes fit Batman, just like Lee's action scenes fit Hulk. The difference is that I wasn't bored out of my skull when there wasn't action in Nolan's films.
Well thats you, I am never bored when watching Hulk even 10 years later and I have watched it A LOT, I liked the drama in the movie and love how much it delves into the psyche of Banner and Hulk.

Originally Posted by Hmarrs View Post
Again I still say its this.......
He did it different.You have to remember Batmans platform is set up for that.They want to see batman brooding even if there is not that much action.Not the Hulk with the Hulk they want to see action smashing and more action.Then this would have played better as an undertone.Sort of like the tv show.

Batman Dark in the front action in the back.Hulk action in the front Darkness in the back.

Get me?

That would have worked.
Spiderman action in the front darkness in the back.Punisher darkness in front action in the back.
Believe it or not the Hulk might have even been more sucessful if you had just switched some scenes.
For instance play the desert scene first then play the others as a flashback and you have a totally different flick or make that movie now after
incredible Hulk and Avengers.Ill tell you somthing different.The anxioity of seeing Hulk smash things up was too strong to sit through the dark mellow drama.

Batman Dark in the front action in the back.Hulk action in the front Darkness in the back.
The problem is the GA dont know how complex a character the Hulk is, the movie didnt do anything they havent explored in the comics, but as you said they just expect to see Hulk smashing stuff up. I personally love how deep Hulk got into the character though.

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