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Default Re: Let The Claws Do The Talking - Rate & Review "The Wolverine"

Originally Posted by Marvel_SKE View Post
thanks again for your concern,
There was a talkshow in our local radio a few weeks ago that discussing hollywood movies that used and respected Japan's culture. Recently, it seems that hollywood has made few movies based on Japan's culture (this year, there were Pacific Rim, 47 Ronin, GI Joe, and Wolverine). Before that there were Iwo Jima kara no tegami, Last Samurai)

The point made in that talkshow according to few listeners that this is a good thing, and of course, proud as Japanese.
But also, many people here assumed that the only thing that American people know about Japan were just samurai and ninja...It has become a stereotype, i think..considering that's the aspect that seems to be often portrayed by hollywood.. while in fact, our modern culture aspect has many more than just that.

Back to Wolverine, I can't wait to see it again...I'm planning to watch it again soon...
This movie is the best comic book movie this year, so far.. ( i believe until Thor 2 comes out)
So you thought The Wolverine showed great honor and respect for the Japanese culture without going in stereotypes? That makes very happy as a member of the Amerian audience to know another culture was presented with authenticity and respect.

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