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Default Re: Official rate & review IRON MAN 3 thread! - Part 3

Well... Took me a while to watch this

It was great ... Loved the start and the ,mansion destruction... Pepper in the suit etc...
All fantastic
Enjoyed the breakdowns and the kid sequences
I get that it was about the character of Tony, and I liked that

Even enjoyed the manderin twist.. (Although I would have liked Kingsley to have carried it through as a genuine threat, because I liked that character)

Enjoyed the build up to the final showdown, the mcgyver moments were awesome

I did NOT like the overheating (fire breathing.. Please) enemy
I DID not like the lack of actual danger to"ironman"
Nor the lack of action by ironman
I HATED that ironman essentially got pussy whipped in the finale


Better than 2... Not better than 1..

Also... No AC/DC... Boohisss

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