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Originally Posted by Human Torch View Post
I don't know why so many people expect/insist/hope that somebody has to die.The comics go on forever without certain characters dying.And as been pointed out countless times,they have every intention of recasting once RDJ,Evans,Hemsworth,Etc have called it a day.
You can recast all you want, but when you have an actual timeline, eventually time is going to catch up with them. This isn't the comic book world. They're films. The timeline of the MCU follows pretty closely to real time. Do you really expect them to keep making MCU movies into the 2040s when Stark would be in his 70s? This also isn't The Simpsons. You can't have Stark be 40 (ish) for 25 years.

Three, MAYBE four phases, end it, do something new and fresh a few years after it ends.

The MCU is Earth-199999. I'd say every 15 years or so, do a new film universe, all new stories, actors, some different characters, everything.

Just my opinion though.

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