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They both have made some really good movies, and some really bad ones. I am a huge fan of X-Men and Spiderman, Fox have made 4 good X-Men movies, didnt mind Origins that much but X3 was the most disappointing movie ever to me, and one of the worst CBM's out there. DOFP looks good though and the last 2 X-Men movies have been great.

Wasnt a big fan of how Sony treated Spidey after the 3rd movie, would have preferred a Raimi directed 4th (without the interference) than a re-boot, ASM was okay, but not that interested in the sequel.

Ghost Rider I am a huge fan of, and the movies just werent good enough, the character has huge potential on the big screen, and they totally botched it.

DD: DC was the only other good film fox made, but even then they tried to screw it up, overall they are about even, as I like both the X-Men series and the Spiderman movies the same.

2014 movie ratings out of 10:

1)X-Men: DOFP-10(2)Interstellar-9.5(3)Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes-9.5(4)Guardians Of The Galaxy-9.5(5)Gone Girl-9(6)Captain America: TWS-9(7)Edge Of Tomorrow-9(8)How To Train Your Dragon 2-9(9)WOWS-8.5(10)Godzilla-8(11)Neighbours-8(12)Amazing Spider-Man 2-7.5(13)Lego Movie-7.5(14)Transformers: AOE-7.5(15)Robocop-7.5(16)Sin City: ADTDF-7(17)300:ROAE-7(18)The Equalizer-7(19)MWTDITW-7(20)47 Ronin-6(21)Monuments Men-5(22)Ride Along-5(23)I, Frankenstein-3
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