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Default Re: The Batman Reboot Casting Thread - Part 6

i just had an interesting thought that i highly doubt anyone would agree with but i'll share it anyway : mads mikkelsen as jonathan crane/scarecrow.

the reason i suggest him is i sort of see jonathan crane as a psychological sadist. he's a person who gets a kick out of manipulating people's minds, exploiting their mental weaknesses, and making people squirm, twisting their minds, which basically describes mads' interpretation of hannibal lecter to a tee, lol. as great as murphy's scarecrow was, atleast right up until the point in batman begins where he gets tased by rachel, he was waaaaay too much of a pushover , and basically.... well, a really useless little wuss, lol. i wish they'd focused more on the character's sadistic side. plus he's got the "creepy evil psychiatrist " part down perfectly as well. idunno, he's such a terrific actor that if he played scarecrow, riddler, joker, black mask, hugo strange and ra's al ghul all in one single batman movie i wouldn't even be mad.

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