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Default Re: Official UNCANNY X-MEN Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
I came to like some of them but the New X-men kids suck as well. LOL...the way you guys are hating on the Uncanny kids is how I felt about the New X-men. Marvel canned Gen X and quickly replaced them with the New Mutants soon after. I actually got into the New Mutants but then they got rid of half of them and replaced them with the New X-men, or rather had them merge while either getting rid of or killing New Mutant members to make room for them. With the exception of Hellion, that group should have stayed as background characters as he was the only one I thought had lead potential. Then soon after that we got the Young X-men (who flat out sucked), then Gen Hope (who are all irrelevant now) and now we got new kids in Uncanny and over in WaTX. Im over it. Theres definetly been more X-kids created in the 10 years since Gen X then we had X-men in its first 40 years. The numbers been ridiculous and way too many to actually care
They create too many new young mutants and then drop them or shove them off into the background.

You actually grew attached to the Original 5, Giant Sized, New Mutants and Generation X because Marvel spent years focusing on those groups of young X-Men. These days it seems like they will introduce a group of Young X-Men and you are not sure your still going to be reading comics about them in a years time.

I honestly feel Marvel should do post-M Day cap on new mutants joining the X-Men. There are around 30 young X-Men around that they can spend atleast 3 years building stories around and developing.

It doesn't hurt to think long term rather than short term planning things out in comics.

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