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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Originally Posted by gohei_ View Post
I find this part confusing, in Ip Man that's exactly what Donnie Yen does (except for maybe the stacking part). Cuz that's pretty much what wing chun is : no flashy stuff just straight to the point.
If you're thinking about the 10man fight in Ip Man then yes he throws one or 2 high kicks but it's mostly attacks to the head and body and low kicks. No flashy acrobatics.

A fair comment, there aren't many OTT techniques in this particular fight scene, you are correct.
However, in response to that at 0:38 when Donnie is punching that guy in the head multiple times, WTF is everyone else doing ?
My problem isn't so much with the technique but with the fight itself.
Something Nolan got absolutely right was moving away from fight scenes like this where the hero stands there and gets attacked by bad guys one at a time, in Nolan's films Batman moves around he uses his opponents as shields and obstacles for each other. He also picks off opponents one at a time when he can.
While I think that Nolan's Bat-fighting style can certainly be improved, the basic idea is a good one.

This is Batman we're talking about so I can't say " It isn't realistic when..." without looking a bit silly, but come on. 0:38 is a perfect example, can you see Batman grabbing some dude and punching him in the head 10 times,
sorry, that's just not Batman's style, not onscreen, not in the comics, and
hell, even not in the TV show - and especially not when there are at least
7 other conscious opponents.

Wing Chun has some marvellous aspects to it, but it doesn't seem really a Batman style. Whereas Wing Chun relies on multiple fast centreline striking, Batman usually takes out opponents with a single strike to a vital area.

Also, unless he's up against someone of comparable skill, Batman doesn't need to block, he's either struck first or has moved out of the way, or he's using his opponent's attack against him (as in deflecting/catching a punch and breaking someone's arm).

Donnie Yen does a great job of demonstrating Wing Chun principles in this
fight, and you are correct there aren't a lot of fancy techniques, but I'm not convinced that this is what Batman's fighting style should be modelled on.
Also, Wing Chun footwork seems a bit out of character for Batman, straight-line short steps don't seem in character for someone who's striking from the shadows. Batman's footwork really resembles ninjitsu. I saw a great demo once of a ninjitsu student demonstrating balance by running up
some narrow poles - his lightness of step and balance was impressive.
That's probably more Batman.

So I guess Batman IMO has more of a Jason Bourne/Person of Interest fight style with ninja stealth.

But that is just my opinion, and has nothing to do with what an enjoyable film Ip Man is -anyone who likes kung fu flicks should see it.

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