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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

scott adkins fight scene ninja 2009

Without saying the obvious choices (Batman fighting like the Arkham video games, voice like Kevin Conroy, etc), this is how I always envision Batman fighting in live action. I would take out some of the more acrobatic kicks in this video however, but he has to do SOME kicks. You can't fight multiple assailants attacking all close to the same time & not. Keep the front, side, & many of the counter kicks, get rid of the jumping spinning double ones & that's how I would want to see Batman fight multiple opponents.

And I know its cool for a small amount of people to hate on Adkins on here for whatever reason (even though he looks similar to Affleck, is trained in multiple martial arts, younger, cut & in extremely good shape, & an upcoming actor that's been in some big films) but I'm not much of a follower anyway. I'm still a fan regardless & think he'll eventually make a badass comic book character one day. Maybe Marvel will cast him as Iron Fist or something in the future.

To reiterate, I like the idea of Batman using a lot of hand, elbow, knee strike combos with a succession of straight forward kicks. I wouldn't mind some Kenpo karate mixed with a bit of aikido, but those styles both have very little kicking (most of it involves trapping, throws, joint locks, & hand strikes). While I see Batman doing that, I see him being more of a complete martial artist, thus those styles integrated with a few taewondo kicks or whatnot.

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