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Default Re: Justice League Fan Art and Manips Thread

Originally Posted by phoenixflight View Post
I have grown very fond of this line-up for the Justice League and would love to see this version of the team in a movie:

I get it, it's a nice pic and all, but I still don't understand Hawkgirl. Aside from being in JL/JLU, what's the appeal of having her with this particular lineup? If they put her in, I'd rather see her alongside Hawkman in their own relationship. They can chose to join forces with the League as a result of whatever threat is imminent, but shoehorning her in with no explanation much like the cartoon did is bad news. If they're desperate for more female characters, why not replace her with Zatanna or Black Canary? Those two are recognizable enough with anyone who was/is into the animated material and their powers are more unique than just a tough girl who hits things.

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