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Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
I'm only suggesting Thor, because there are a lot more ways to bring him back, without it seeming far fetched. And I think it'd up the stakes, if you see one of the Avenger's big guns going down.
Also, a lot of fans want to see the rotted goat Beta Ray Bill. So killing Thor, however temporarily, will be a chance to give them their wish. Then, when they see the full horror of it, they'll be anxious to have the true Asgardian back in his franchise. It worked in the comics (somewhat).

TBH, I suggest Thor because I'm tired of seeing anyone suggested for sacrifice because certain people feel they're disposable. Thor actually has been deposed from his own series in the comics, more than once and by more than one other imposter. It's no more out of the realm of possibility for Thor to die and be replaced than any other Avenger.

Yet I don't want him or anyone else on the team to die, especially not to make room for another character. It simply is not necessary when their absences can be explained in logical ways. Deaths are not needed to "prove the threat is serious," either. If that were the case I'd expect a major character to die in every action movie or episode of a crime drama. Putting characters in meaningful, believable peril and then having them fight their way out of it is a way to up the stakes. Killing off supporting characters and civilians or causing mass destruction is another.

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