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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Batman!! - Part 8

Originally Posted by spider-neil View Post
Good to hear Ben is excited with the material Snyder has. The cynic in me thinks he may have taken the job because of the huge paycheck but Ben must be rich many times over so it's got to be more than money that enticed him back into tights seeing as tights (and J-LO) almost ruined his career.
I'm sure the big paycheck helped too, but if anything, I hope it's a Batman directing gig they've lured him in with.

As for tights ruining his career, I wouldn't say so. Revisionist history has cast Daredevil as a career-killing flop, but at the time it was more a mild, lukewarm success. There was even talk of a sequel for a bit. It was Gigli that really brutalised the guy.

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