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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Batman!! - Part 8

Originally Posted by titansupes View Post
About the Fallon interview, I wish they'd made a big deal (or even just mentioned) that the movie is 'Batman vs Superman'. I just wanted to hear the audience reaction it.
Yeah, as I was watching I was astounded he didn't mention the inevitable "how great it's going to be working with Cavill" line. And no mention of Superman?

Strange, but that's how big Batman is. And right now Affleck is WB's big gun. He can thump Snyder/Goyer in the nose anytime he wants to.

Affleck isn't doing this for the money, he's doing it because he has guaranteed money to make x amount of his films. It's what he does now.

That seems like a pretty heavy, mature Batman vibe to me, but I've been very impressed with Cavill's "owning" Superman in interviews. Snyder/WB/DC has obviously sold him on being the beginning of the new DC universe on film.

So I think Affleck is one hell of a counterweight. I hope Geoff Johns can keep everyone from completely screwing all of this up. Guy's got a mouth, lol.

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