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Default Re: Official (adjectiveless) X-MEN Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by usagicassidy View Post
Freaking love that we're mixing it up a bit with someone like M!!!!

I LOVE the team members, but they're characters that are ALWAYS interacting with each other. This'll be nice to mix the dynamic up a bit.

I'd love to see someone like Husk on the team for awhile too. Awe, Jubes, M, and Husk - even for an issue would be so sweet.
I really need a Gen X reunion as an arc in this book. In addition to M, Husk and Jubes, Emma, Blink and Cordelia need to be thrown into the mix. Maybe Chamber gets kidnapped and its Cordelia's fault, who managed to get herself into trouble again. M, Husk and Jubes who manage to have their own mini-reunion (maybe to celebrate 5 years since they met) find out about Jono and enlist in Blink's help to take them to him, not realizing its a trap of an old enemy of Emma's whom wants her to watch her former students die. I don't know who it could be; she has plenty enough they could choose from. Might be a dumb idea but it sounded good in my Gen X nostalgic head

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
I was hoping that X-23 would join, I love her friendship with Jubilee. However, M is a perfectly good choice as well. Now Mr. Wood, add Pixie and Dust as well, that'd be a badass team.
You had me till you mentioned Pixie and Dust.

Originally Posted by OutcryX View Post
so will M make Rogue redundant as 'the muscle'? also..whatever happened to the other lady that was super strong and invulnerable from rogue's x-men legacy book?
Considering Rogue hasn't been a tank in like 10 years, I don't think so. Her powerset is adaptive enough she herself isn't contrained to just one. If anything M will be used as an on panel reason to have Rogue using flight/strength as Wood seems to want to portray her as such but theres no cast member around that can be utilized for that purpose. Im sure this will come into play when on missions away from the mansion and they cant say Rogue touched random X-men/student there

Originally Posted by Specter313 View Post
Frenzy. She's still around at the school, popping up in the background every once in awhile.
she was such a second string character. I thought for sure the only reason she was even elevated to X-men status was bc Carey was going to perma-feed her to Rogue

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