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Default Re: Official UNCANNY X-MEN Discussion Thread

We're starting to see Generation X more.

Artie and Leech have been hanging with the Fantastic Four (I think... I don't read it)

Monet's been with X-Factor.

Monet and Jubilee are in Woods' X-Men title.

Chamber's been used in X-Men Legacy quite a bit.

Husk has had a semi-important role in Wolverine & the X-Men.

Banshee's (kinda) in Uncanny Avengers.

Emma's still in Uncanny X-Men (unfortunately).

Blink came back and spent a lot of time with the New Mutants until that title ended.

Penance was in the Loners mini and then showed up in minor appearances in Avengers Academy.

Emplate was used in X-Men Legacy a couple years ago.

The only living members of the team who haven't been seen over the past few years are Mondo (who never really joined the team) and Gaia. And I guess Monet's sisters.

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