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Default Re: Established Catwoman in this movie ?

I think we will defently get Alfred in film.I think Batman could be Introduced taking down one of his villains.If Gordon Is in film it will probally be a cameo.

As for love Intrest for bruce wayne/Batman Catwoman Is a possabilty.The
Dark Knight rises really didn't have catwoman as villain/anti-heroine that batman
fights and also drawn to.She was pretty much just someone Bale was drawn to.
If catwoman Is used she needs to have a whip Nolan tuned down
Dominatrix overtunes to catwoman that both the 1960's TV show,with Julie
Newmar as catwoman,and Batman returns had as well as comics at times had.

Charlize Theron as Catwoman

It would be intresting If LI would be wonder woman.

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