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Default Re: Batman's fighting style - new Batman, what should his fighting style be like ?

Originally Posted by AnneFan View Post
Wouldn't mind some of the moves from the Injustice video game.

Batman using his grapnel to sling opponents down to the ground;
Throwing batarangs in combat;
Electric sticks to the neck;
Remote control batmobile charge;

Overall something stylised and clinical.

Totally agree, someone's already said it, but
Batman should seamlessly integrate his weapons into his fighting style.
The reason Batman always wins (well almost always) is that he cheats.
he hits people from behind, he uses distractions and weapons against

would love to see some of those razor 'bats' that Bale was grinding down
in Batman Begins......which only got used against lights !!!!

When Bats used that flash bomb (well more of a fire-cracker really)
against Bane, it just looked sad ! When Batman drops a gas grenade
there should be something nasty inside.

E.G. bats has used fear gas against thugs (hmmmmm..kind of like Ra's tried to use against Gotham)

would love to see a thug pull a pistol and then .....thunk ! drop it, as several well placed batarangs are protruding from his arm.

I loved Nolan's work, but he underused Batman's arsenal. Sure, Bats
has to have skills such that he doesn't need the gadgets, but surely
we can have the skills AND the weapons (and also use his environment
as a weapon as well)

Great post.

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