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Default Re: The general Barry Allen vs Wally West thread

I hear you buddy. Everything points towards Barry. That doesn´t mean there is no one who wants Wally or can see different pros and cons in each charachter which could be used in different ways. There is no harm in discussing things that aren´t likely to happen, but we don´t know anything. Some ppl think he might be introduced later and ppl like me would like to be a little surprised and have both. See post #6.

I just think it would be interesting to discuss the different charachters. One might also learn something because everyone has their own opinions and views on the Flash and his part in JL.

Imo there wouldn´t be any problems with Wally. I think they could connect that charachter very well to the Justice League movie but there are elements of Barry that I really like for the solo Flash movies.

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