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Default Re: Batman Begins v.s The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by Schrute View Post
I know the humor is a part of the character, I personally think the execution of the scene is odd. Bane is blown away quickly off screen just to get him out of the way after being built up as something more. I think he deserved a better death. Or,
personally, I would have liked it if she came in and crashed into Bane or something to knock him out. Then he is in custody on the steps of City Hall, thinking to himself that he still won because the bomb is going to go off and their plan will work. After the bomb goes off outside the city, that is where Bane's ego is checked. He would realize that the Batman had won. To see that realization slowly creep in on his face would have been perfect.
You cant keep Bane alive. There's no chance in hell the writers would do that. That guy gets thrown in prison and either one of his mercenaries gets him out or he gets out on his own. Even if he was in pain because of the mask and locked away, you cant have both Bane and Joker out in the world.

I saw the realization on Bane's face that Batman had won, when Batman was staring at him and Bane asks "I broke you, how have you come back?". That was enough for me.

He got the death he deserved in my opinion. Blown down the hallway with a hole in his chest.

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