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Default Re: The Man of Steel Merchandise Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by BatmanFanboy View Post
What's FYE I want one!!!

It's a great store, located in one of my nearby malls. Mostly a wide-range television/movies/music store but with a huge variety of licensing. They have gotten more and more geeky, too. They have action figures, belts, shirts, posters, you name it. I saw the NECA Man of Steel 13 inch figure there yesterday as well and awesome bobble-heads. I picked my fiance' up a Penny from the Big Bang Theory bobble-head and they had a General Zod and Superman one as well. Also all kinds of movie characters, television characters and comic book characters. They had sales all day but yeah, they sell the cardboard cutouts too. Good sales price. Jumped all over it. There were 2 left.

Man of Steel: 6
Batman V Superman: 4
Suicide Squad : 2
Wonder Woman: 3
Justice League: 2
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