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Default Re: Batman Begins v.s The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Bane's death was embarrassingly bad. So was Talia's.

Before TDKR the villains all had good exits. Ra's serenely closing his eyes before the train crashes. Joker's awesome monologue hanging upside down, then laughing his head off at Batman when he reveals what he did to Dent. Batman's surprise tackle of Dent in those tense final moments where he's tossing the coin to decide Gordon's son's fate.
I can say the same about Bane. He had an AWESOME line right before he got blown away by a canon. Pretty epic death if you ask me.

"Every time you open that dvd box to watch the Dark Knight, it's actually a slice of baloney. the real movie is in your mind and Nolan performed an Inception on all of us." - tacit-ronin-
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