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Default Re: Where you first viewed the movie helped you decide whether you like it or not?

The first time I saw it was in a regular theater and my thought has been what it always was: "That movie is great! Not a masterpiece like TDK, and it does have some pacing issues, but man was that a damn satisfying rollerocaster of a ride! Anne Hathaway is great! Who knew?"

The only thing that has changed in the intervening year is that I now appreciate Hardy's Bane more. I came out thinking he just did not live up to Ledger, though I knew it was its own thing. Now, I see that while still no Joker, his Bane is iconic in its own weird way. That sneaked up on me.

Otherwise, nothing has changed. Though I see the fan community moving farther away from it every passing day. Sad but true.

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