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Default Re: Batman Begins v.s The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by Schrute View Post
I don't mind Bane's death, but the one-liner from Catwoman kind of ruins it. I get she had to shoot Bane, but this being a Batman movie where he even tells her "No guns no killing" and then she kind of just dismisses it with humor was odd.

But honestly, Bane still would have defeated Batman if Talia never revealed herself. Batman would have been standing over Bane screaming gibberish about a trigger that Bane didn't have until they were all toast. Reminded me about Joker and the "nothing to do with all your strength" scene in a way. Batman would have won the battle against Bane, but Bane/Talia would have won the war when the bomb went off.

I think Bane's demise was due from Talia's ego actually, where she wanted Bruce to know exactly who she was and why she was taking such pleasure in doing what she was doing. She could have just let the secret die with her along with everyone else in Gotham.

But of course, no one wanted the bomb to go off and Batman to fail.

Edit----Actually, I guess Batman, once knowing Bane didn't have the trigger and wouldn't give it up, could have just got in The Bat and raced off to take the bomb out anyways if Talia doesn't push the button sooner.
I think I have had this discussion before, but I thought it was great. It was funny, satisfying and worked. No one complains when the male hero gets to say something "funny" as he defeats the villain ("I won't kill you--but I don't have to save you"/"No...but I know how you got THESE!"/"Taste of your own medicine, Doctor"/"Get away from her you *****!").

I feel like for many, not saying you, have more of an issue with Catwoman or a female in general being the one to do it. Just my perspective on the issue.

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