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Default Re: Established Catwoman in this movie ?

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
Seeing as how I'm increasing finding the Bruce/Selina romance overrated, a view that was cemented with TDKR, I really hope Catwoman is not in this movie or the next Batman solo.

Personally, I think it's time to see an onscreen version of Silver St. Cloud. But, I wouldn't mind seeing Vicki Vale return, or a version of Julie Madison that's actually good.
But it does fit his character to a tee. Mr. Absolutism and Deontology all wrapped up in a crazy pants Bat-cowl because mommy and daddy got shot throws it out when a femme fatale makes eyes at him.

Batman is just so rigid and moralistic in his ethics that for him to break it repeatedly for a thief he cannot stop obsessing over is beautiful irony and human hypocrisy.

It's why even psycho-Undead kitty lady in Batman Returns gelled so much better with Keaton's Bruce Wayne than normal Lois Lane-knock off Vicky Vale ever did (and like we even need to mention Chase Meridian or Julie Madison?).

Superman is a "normal" Midwestern guy, so he relatively finds a well-adjusted normal spouse. Batman is kind of nuts, so he finds an equally unable-to-commit fetishist who is everything he hates (crime, crazy...a woman).


With that said, BVS should really have no love interest for Batman. It seems studio mandated when the focus should be on Supes and Bats. I also want Lois Lane and her relationship with Clark developed more. There really is no need. Especially not Catwoman who, I contend, is the dysfunctional love of Bruce's very dysfunctional life. Besides being executed very well (IMO) in TDKR, she takes too much time to cover. Save that for a solo movie down the line.

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