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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 2

Some random thoughts having just watched BR again in its entirety for the first time in a couple of years:

The Blu-ray of this movie is spectacular. It looks as good as if it was made in high def.

It's not really a sequel; it's just a Batman story, like the Bond films weren't sequels, just Bond stories;

It has the best reveal of any superhero's identity ever. It grew out of the story and thematically fit the movie overall as well as being possibly the best acted scene by Pfeiffer and Keaton

This is my favourite Batsuit from any of the movies, with just a little suspension of belief you can see it as a fluid piece of armour

Still my favourite batmobile

Elfman's 2 Batman scores are movie music at its best

Watching this and Batman '89, after watching Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, makes you appreciate what both directors did. Burton conceived as Batman only working if the world he inhabited was as fantastic (as in based in fantasy) as he was, and that the best way to get to the humanity of the characters was to give them the outward trappings of freaks (he was obviously influenced by Browning's Freaks, which had a similar theme). The timelessness of the design, the setting in a alternate world, with influences from the 30's, 40's and present day, mean that this movie ages extremely well. It actually is more fully realized than Batman '89, which was more closely trying to create a superhero film that followed a film noir template.

It will be interesting to see if Nolan's take on Batman as a gritty crime thriller - almost a superhero version of a 70's movie like the French Connection, will age as well. I have a feeling it will.

Finally, Batman Returns meets my criteria for a great film, in that after watching it once, I felt like watching it again, immediately (instead I think I'll watch Batman'89)

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"The Batman franchise mirrors Elvis: It starts with a raw brashness in Batman; achieves maturity and depth in Returns; experiences it's Las Vegas stage (entertaining but empty) in Forever; and ends up bloated, irrelevant and dying on the toilet in Batman & Robin."

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