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Default Re: Would Richard Grayson be part of this movie?

Originally Posted by Kalonthar View Post
I suppose with Batman being weary in this film, his state of mind could be do to his former partner leaving him after a falling out and his next partner supposedly being brutally murdered.
Exactly. This is what I'm hoping for. Dick has become Nightwing so they have some type of line alluding to him being Bludhaven or something. Anda either Jason Todd is already "dead" or have a quick cameo of him as Robin in Gotham. Then he can just be killed by the beginning of the Batman solo film, setting up Red Hood for either the first solo film or it's sequel.

I want to see some really good cliff-hangers at the end of these new DC films. They don't have to be like Marvel's after credits scenes because I want DC-based films to stay as unique as possible compared to other superhero films but a good "leave them on the edge of their seat" ending.

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