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Default Re: Batman Begins v.s The Dark Knight Rises

Originally Posted by Green Goblin View Post
The twist added a layer of humanity to Bane. He was not just a terrorist but someone who acted as a guardian to a woman since she was a young child.

Back on to his death- TDKR established Bane as Batman's toughest foe. In my opinion he should have had a death scene/end scene as epic as the ones in BB and TDK.

I would have forgiven it had Talia's death scene not been done with laughably bad acting.
And the twist WAS his epic moment. Neither Ra's, Dent or Joker got emotional flashback scenes during their final moments of the movie that showed another layer of their character. That scene was very emotional IMO. Sure, people made fun of Bane rolling a tear but I thought it was great and done tastefully.

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