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Default Re: The Man of Steel Merchandise Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by Tra-El View Post
Went to the mall today and stopped at ***** to see if I could find the MOS Under Armor. Low and behold, there it was on its own display. Good timing, too since I'm starting my 2nd round of P90X Monday so this should give me the extra boost.

***** had a whole rack of different Superman Under Armor. They had the regular logo with a red shirt with a black "S"; a black shirt with a neon "S"; the classic royal blue and a grey shirt with a blue "S". They also had Superman hats on display, black hats with a black "S" logo along with Batman hats and a few Batman under armor as well.

I got an XL Man of Steel Under Armor priced at $60:

Also stopped in my FYE and they had the Man of Steel, Henry Cavill cardboard cutout on sale for $15, originally $30 so I didn't pass that up. Have it in the corner of my bedroom as we speak. It's pretty big, my height, about 6'2 off the ground:

Cool looking gear...
I wish they would have done the full size cutout with the full movie shot, instead of p-chopping Henry's head onto the comic-book artist drawn body/suit.

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