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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Surfer
Comic Book Therapy sat down & discussed Iron Man 3 with writer Drew Pearce & Director Shane Black, and one of those things discussed was once again the Mandarin twist. Article below.

I personally wouldn't mind there being a twist on the twist, where Trevor was playing Tony all along & he truly is the Mandarin. I mean if they can kill off Agent Coulson & then have him return in Agents of Shield, Marvel could probably retcon some scenes in a one shot or after scenes credits showing how Trevor knew Tony had arrived at his lair, and he calls Killian notifying him that everything is going according to plan and that he will play Tony into the Trap and that Killian is to assume the Mandarin persona in case things go south. I mean he did say you will never see me coming, what better way to not see your enemy coming then to think they are dead. I know Shane Black is not a fan of the idea, but Drew Pearce seemed to be somewhat open to it. For me if Marvel did this I think it would save the film for me, because right now I can't see me watching it again, much less buying it like I have all of the other Marvel Studio's productions. Sad, because I love Marvel & their characters way more then the 95% general public that they are targeting, and it's strange because they tout them as Comic Book movies, yet they seem to do their best to remove much of the comic book type elements from these movies and just reinterpret them as typical Sci Fi Movies.

What an arrogant bastard. As expected, just another Hollywood hotshot who thinks he's so much better than those "unrealistic" comics that are providing him the opportunity to make a fortune.

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