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Default Re: Established Catwoman in this movie ?

Originally Posted by Frodo View Post
Lois is a different story because she basically is his only love interest since Superman's creation. Yeah , there's Lana and Diana at some points but , its Lois Lane when it comes down to it. Bruce doesn't have a "Lois Lane" or even a so to speak, i.e. a love interest that everyone agrees is an essential part of the Batman character or myths. His love interests in film, tv, comics, cartoons, etc have been pretty interchangeable. That's why he's gone through several different ones almost like 007.

I'd say Catwoman is alot of people's favorite but I don't know if everyone would agree she's his one true love or essential love interest to the Batman myths. That said, its not impossible as you said to have Catwoman again, but I doubt Goyer is gonna do that.
Actually Bruce with Diana is more common. I am among those who refuse to acknowledge any Clark/Diana pairings ever.

Side question, has Bruce ever actually been married to anyone in the comics?

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