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Default Re: "Romeo & Juliet Return?": The Official Jean Grey/Cyclops Debate - Part 1

Originally Posted by The Original Bamfer View Post
Okay, this film is all about changing decades of events. Bringing back either Scott, Jean or both should arise no questions. It's all explained by the fact the course of history has been changed... there's really no misunderstanding that when the film itself revolves around the concept of rewriting history. Yes, it happens because Sentinels have taken over mutants, but there are naturally other advantages... like bringing back Xavier's most beloved students.

I'm also fairly certain this will be the last time we see the "young" characters. If they continue on with the series, I'm guessing it'll be a present-day affair.
It absolutely raises questions.

Because if Cyclops and Jean Grey are brought back with no other explanation other than "time travel, herp derp", then it brings into question the validity of the entire main trilogy, and what is and isn't what actually happened anymore.

Basically, the course of events spanning the entire trilogy is now tossed out.

And Singer said that's not what he's doing.

You can't just wipe out one huge chain of events and say it never happened, but everything else does.

Sorry, no matter how much people want Cyclops back, picking and choosing your continuity based off nothing more than "time travel, herp derp" makes absolutely no sense and only muddies up the water even more, and is the type of storytelling techniques that keep comic books from being taken seriously in the realm of literature.

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