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Default Re: What would have happened if Avengers failed?

I am super thankful then that Avengers was as successful as it was, because all the scenarios sketched out above seem far less... Optimal, than what we have going on in the current climate of CBMs. No offense to Mr. Nolan, but after TDKR I was more than happy to see him move on to other projects, other NON CBM projects, thank you.

I would love to hear what the complaints from the Alt U. where their version of Avengers was box office poison. What would the complaints sound like? Let me give a go at it...

"Avengers? It's problem was it was too self serious. I mean, you would think they were making a 2 an a 1/2 hour movie about D-Day or something."

"Why did they just spring this concept on audiences with no build up? Have some cross over between franchises. People were not aware these characters were like pieces of a puzzle that fit together. They were not prepared for this idea. Maybe if some parts of one film led into the next?"

"How can you have a cast like they assembled and not have them play to their strengths? To no have RDJ throwing out zingers every chance he gets in a film like this is almost criminal. Sure, maybe you run the risk of making light of the stories drama a little, but at least it would make that journey to the 40min. finale breezy and easy to take."

"It looked like a tv movie." (This is the one complaint that is steady across ALL universes and it baffles those that disagree with it equally across the multiverse. What does it actually mean outside of the wannabe film maker circles it's bandied about in? Is it about some specific technical matter that the GA is just not sensitive to? Is it a slight on Whedon's background? Because I can tell you what I mean when I say "X-MEN and SPIDER-MAN felt very TV movie to me." It means that they felt rushed, had lackluster VFX/Production designs, they had tones of limited scope and of course both have criminally undercooked final acts.) None of those things can honestly be applied to Avengers.

I'd say we lucked out on the specific universe we currently exist in.

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