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Default Re: "Romeo & Juliet Return?": The Official Jean Grey/Cyclops Debate - Part 1

It also appears that this movie is trying to wrap up most of the loose ends, like the cure, Xavier, and the fates of other featured mutants from the OT. There is no indication whatsoever that Fox believes actors like Paquin, Ashmore, and Cudmore can carry the franchise going forward, as they are supporting players once again. Most of the new characters being introduced are supporting Z-list mutants that may or may not be featured in X-Force or other installments. Outside of Jackman and Berry, who are both pushing 50, there is no indication that Fox intends to move forward with that core, none of whom are under contract. Marsden cannot headline a major tentpole movie either, since his career hasn't exactly taken off since the OT. Collectively, you have a movie there, but you need to have them all back, not just Jackman and select others.

Based on the comic-con montage, Magneto's line of "Ending this war before it begins," indicates that Magneto is trying to stop the war he started in the OT. So I believe everything from the OT is up in the air in terms of the picking and choosing. They may stick with some stuff, or they may toss that narrative out entirely and reboot in the new timeline. Anything is possible. I think its foolish to interpret Singer's statements as black and white. There is clearly a lot of grey area in all the comments he's made thus far.

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