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Default Re: Is Jeff Wadlow up to the task of making a good X-force movie?

Yeah, that's probably not the best example. Most those films are considered classic nowadays.
Originally Posted by Dr. Reme Lebeau View Post
It boggles my mind! Why would Fox yet again put a hack on a project that could potentially be as successful as the Dark Knight movies or the Avengers? It's such a missed opportunity. There are so many fan boys out here in the world that, if given the chance, could make a much better X-force movie than this guy. Oh well, at least we have DOFP coming!
Calling someone a hack without seeing any of their work boggles my mind. You jumped to conclusion pretty quick between posts there.

If you wanna know if he's up to the task then best to watch KA2 and judge for yourself. It's accurate to the book, and the changes were good ones imo. Visit the KA2 thread, most people dig it. He's wrote a few episodes of Bates Motel which got strong reviews. The thing he has going for him the most is that his pitch impressed Fox enough to move forward and that he's a fan. If Fox was impressed enough to move forward with hiring him that's a good sign.

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