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Default Re: The Spider-Man 2099 thread

Originally Posted by spiderral View Post
I made a thread on it here too:

I think keeping Spider-Man 2099 separate from the Spider-Man that most people are familiar with would be the best idea instead of tying the two universes so close together in a film (similar to Shattered Dimensions if that's what they had in mind). The only thing they'd need to is just refer back to the original Spider-Man and how Miguel had gotten similar powers based off of him.

Trying out these different sagas would be the best thing to do I think instead of just rebooting Peter Parker's Spidey again and again.
Ah damn, I didn't realize somebody already made a thread on this topic, I didn't see it due to the settings I have here.

I get that we should keep them separate, however to many people, especially general audiences Peter Parker is Spider-Man, nobody else. This is the same reason apparently they wouldn't do a Batman Beyond movie, as most apparently prefer Bruce Wayne as Batman. I guess the best thing to do with that is probably heavily market the character in other media as well as in comics.

What I've noticed with Spidey is that keeping things grounded tends to work best for him on-screen. That's probably one of the reasons Venom just didn't work as well for Spider-Man 3 and probably why Amazing Spider-Man succeeded. That is unless writers can in fact cleverly weave in things like the Clone Saga so we can bring in Ben Reilly or time travel so Peter Parker can in fact meet Miguel O'Hara.

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