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Default Re: 5 things you want to see

Originally Posted by Ragnaroknroll View Post
1) Cap leads the team
2) Thor/Ultron confrontation - no Middle English in MCU Thor so just leave out the "thee" part and then Thor lays the smack down - don't nerf the Thunder God
3) Probability manipulation by Wanda - not telekinesis etc.
4) Hulk speaking
5) Cocky, wise cracking Hawkeye
Originally Posted by iwontsaveu View Post
1) thor going HAM: they seriously need to show his full power. He is on Superman's level if not greater.
2)Hulk going HAM: never goes wrong
3)A female with cool powers: not sure about scarlett/ confused about powers in movie
4)Some more hawkeye

5)Black widow in black leggings
Oh yeah

Don't forget to vote for the ABOMINATION Vs SCARLET WITCH fight

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