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Default Re: Established Catwoman in this movie ?

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
Yes, because above all else, she is one of Batman's most well known, enduring, and popular adversaries, a female empowerment icon as well as a sex icon.

Catwoman's popular because of factors independent of her romance with Batman, though that also plays a role in her appeal. All those girls you listed were simply love interests, nothing more. Catwoman has many facets to her that appeal to people. As a character in her own right, Selina Kyle is great. As Batman's Love interest? Overrated.
Agreed that she is more interesting. But she is more interesting with Bruce, because he is not normal. He is rather unhinged. Thus his very "Double Indemnity" like attraction to a femme fatale makes sense its own whacky sort of way. Again, Lois Lane and Mary Jane are love interests. There is a reason they stick out in the mind, same with Selina Kyle. She is an icon, but she became it because of how she was introduced as neither real villain or damsel for Batman. She is something more off-center, much like the Bat. It is why she will always stand out above any other in any interpretation of the character. Be it Nolan, Burton, TAS, Arkham video games, or the like. It always goes back to that.

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