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Default Re: Is Jeff Wadlow up to the task of making a good X-force movie?

Originally Posted by Dr. Reme Lebeau View Post
Fox was impressed enough to move forward with Brett Ratner on X3 though so a Fox decision isn't always going to portend a good movie. If Wadlow's a fan that's a good thing, but if he's a bad director it won't matter.
Brett Ratner didn't write X3. The guy who's writing Days Of Future Past did. He also wrote Jumper and This Means War which got extremely low RT's. Bad studio decisions also figured heavily into X3's production. Hopefully thats all in the past.

Wadlow isn't even lined up to Direct yet. He hopes to, but he's just writing the script as of now. The whole reason we are even talking about this project happening is because Wadlow said instead of doing solos they should be doing other teams. He's 100% right there.
Responding to your comment about my quick run to judgement, I can't deny what the Rotten Tomatoe numbers communicate. I've read enough of these ratings to know that when a film is rated in the 20th percentile, it means that the film making was bad. Generally a film falling between the 40th and 70th percentile means that critics disagree but there is a high likelihood that the director knows how to make good choices (which ultimately wind up being controversial). When a film ranks 30 or below, it means there's something fundamentally wrong with the way the film was directed. A good director may have one of these artistic flops every so often, but it certainly wouldn't happen on every attempt. All three of Wadlow's films that have been rated in the 20th percentile. To me that is pretty much conclusive evidence that the director doesn't really know what she/he is doing.
You went from "Should I be worried?" to he's a hack in one post. Without seeing anything. You can't defend, bash or debate his work as a Director when you havn't seen it. You can be worried or disappointed that critics don't like him, but that's about it. Might as well get worried that the guy who Directed Jack The Giant Slayer and The Writer of This Means War/X3 are bringing you Days Of Future Past.

First Class, The Wolverine and Kick-Ass 2 were all awesome. I don't care who gets critic bragging rights or who made the most money. Fox is on a roll, and Wadlow did a solid job adapting KA2. I have no doubt that Wadlow is gonna give the X-Force script his all, and I believe Fox is also putting forth an effort and being careful who they give the go ahead to. If it's a bad script, Fox aint gonna greenlight it. Things have changed for the studio and Rothman is gone.

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