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Default Re: Female Superheores On Screen

Originally Posted by Shazam View Post
How well is Wonder Woman selling on the shelf right now?
Originally Posted by jonathancrane View Post
I think the question should be how well are comics selling right now?
Comic book sales have very little to do with how well a film version of a hero will do. Iron Man was never the highest-selling comic book (in fact, he was on the verge of cancellation for years) but his film counterpart took off like a rocket. Green Lantern is a popular character whose movie version flopped. The thing to remember is that the comic book market is minuscule compared to the potential film audience. The most successful comics sell maybe 100,000 copies per month. A blockbuster can sell tens of millions of tickets (TA sold 78 million in North America alone).

The execution of the film and its marketing determine box office success. The relative popularity of the source material is a far less important factor.

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