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Default Re: Female Superheores On Screen

Borrowing female team characters would not help MS make a solo heroine movie, same problem with Scarlet Witch, who is every bit as compelling as Storm or Invisible Woman, but as the ladynerd said, not solo characters.

The popularity of the property is only relevant if it's currently really popular, like Hunger Games. That's why using that as an example of how a superheroine movie would perform gets this face -->

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
They just need to hire good writers and a good director. It won't perform like a Spider-Man movie or a Iron Man movie, but if the movie is good and the studio marketed it well, it should do okay at the box-office.
This. Precisely. The challenge is getting a budget for IM/Spidey caliber creators when you know you're not getting IM/Spidey returns. Stan's point, that Marvel is getting almost as many female eyes as Hunger Games, almost completely removes the motivation to do so.

Originally Posted by jonathancrane View Post
The problem with the female superhero offshoot is cinema is that it has not been marked with good writers and performers. I guarantee if Marvel Studios released a Black Widow film of the calibre of its other releases, it would perform quite well.
One thing people forget is that these movies had some of the best actresses at the height of their marketability, and still flopped tremendously. The bar is set higher for females by the audience. "okay" = flop for female movies. Its actually the female films with poor writing and performances that succeed.

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