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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises - Home Video (Blu-Ray/DVD) Release Thread - Part 2

It's $80 on Amazon now. Honestly, that's not THAT bad. Yeah, it sucks that I'll be re-buying three movies I already own, but it's not such a bad deal for someone picking up all the movies for the first time or upgrading to Blu-ray for the first time.

I mean, I know the retrospective doc is going to be something I probably revisit from time to time so I'd like to have a copy I can watch on my TV whenever. I've revisited the special features from Begins a lot over the years, and this will probably be the most comprehensive featurette we've had for this series since "The Journey Begins".

I still haven't placed my preorder but I'm really, REALLY tempted. Would be nice to have it waiting for me when I get home from work on Tuesday.

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