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Default Re: Female Superheores On Screen

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Not true.
1. Katniss doesn't get into many fights, they are all very short, and she doesn't win any on her own, she is saved more often than not, and her ultimate victory is not achieved through combat at all.
It is true that she tries to avoid fighting, but modern superhero films aren't all punchfests either (witness all the complaints about there not being enough Iron Man or Batman in their respective trilogy closers) She can fight when forced to, and she does defeat the final male contestant in the games. I haven't read the books to comment on the sequels yet. She's still a strong, action-oriented lead which is essentially what is needed in a female superhero film. And it shows that people will go to a female led action film.

2. Katniss has a very angry unheroic attitude, and only deals with people because she's forced to.
Like Wolverine.

3. Katniss is driven entirely by caring for her closest friends, her sister, the little girl that died, eventually Peetah. She could give a flip about the greater good, that's what makes her interesting.
Like Wolverine.

We can only really start having this conversation after a good female superhero film flops at the box office. As of now that hasn't happened since we've never actually gotten a good female superhero film yet.

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