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Default Re: Bruce's Love Interest?

Talia would be good especilly as not the outright villain she was In DKR.

I also see again people are In denial.This film Is tentativly called batman VS
SUperman.Not man of steel 2 or man of steel:something to be determine.

This Is both a batman and superman film.You don't like It blame Goyer and Snyder for reactions.People need to accept sequels outgrossing originals don't always happen.And not everyone loved Man of steel like some online.

WB clearly decired they could make more money on a event film with batman
and Superman that follows man of steel and allows them to quickly reboot Batman without rehasing origin and also helps move closer to Justice League than a straight up man of steel sequel which focus solely on Superman.

If they really had faith In superman they wouldn't have batman In this film.

People need to accept this Is both a Batman and Superman film.

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